Class of '97


Piatti Italian Restaurant & Bar

625 Redwood Hwy, Mill Valley, CA 94941

Twenty years ago the coolest class to go through Redwood High School graduated.

Now, it’s time to see how we all have changed over the past 20 years. Let's get together to share our life stories and, of course, party like it's 1997!

Your tiket buys you:

  • 2 drink tickets/access to a full bar
  • Heavy apps to nibble on throughout the night
  • Photo booth pictures to look at for the rrest of your life ;)
  • Free valet & overnight parking available
  • Good times & momorable fun of course!

This is a cocktail attire event so pull out those fancy threads. Please don't stress over this...just no sweatpants and/or flip flops.

Hope to see you there!

Facebook: Class of '97

Here are the missing class of 97 students that have not been invited,(there are some exceptions, maiden names changes?) 

If you know any of these students, please contact one of our committee members!
Thank you! 

Oren Raphael
Brook Heckaman
Lauren Stanley Vaughn
Flora Lels

So we need everyone's help to find out where these missing students are

alexis condrad matt daven
ali faritous Matthew Epp
Alison Paul matthew johnson
analise bell meghan burns
andy brining meredith duffy-smyth
anosheh khalifeh michael benet
ashley lazar michael bondoux
autumn eldridge Michael Pescador
benjamin gordon Michael Miller
bridgette bissonnette milton davis
Caroline Polinski molly culter
Christina Moore monica mcdonald
Christine Foedisch Nadine Fontin
christopher bradsaw natalja Friday
Christopher Pare nicholas guiness
cynthia collins nick calegari
daniel jordan nicolas de
david becker nina joseph
david benson noah crawford
david desimini noel hood
david leedy patrick johnson
diana lichman Patrik Ervel
Donovan Ruiz paul foley
edgar gutierrez Paula Partee
Emalia Ross rachel capper
giulia gurun rebecca lindenberg
hannes hess Robin Miller
Ilona McHugh Robin O'Neill
james farrow sage harrison
jared fonachon saira furner
jason lytz sam Gil
john garaventa sara holroyde
john martinez sarah cross:
jonathan hess sarah kelly
josephine howe sean fi
Joya Myers sharyn blumfield
katherine baylis shawn canty
kevin hansen stacy kucserka
Kimberly Markle stephanie green
lina froz Teresa Perez
Marcellus Petri Tiare Orth
maren machese tiffany hansen
marlease fleumer  
Mary Radomile