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This page will focus on retired staff and their adventures in retirement. If you have information to submit, please send it to info@redwoodalumni.org.

RUSSELL HILL, former English teacher at Redwood and Tam, has publsihed seven books since his retirement and has received an Edgar Allan Poe nomination for a new novel, The Lord God Bird, the second nomination in three years. HIs most recent book is titled Egret.

MARILEE ROGERS has taken up watercolor painting and had her first solo show at Creekside Pizza and Taproom in San Anselmo in November (owned by alumna Janet Abrahamson '76). She paints with a group called the Magnolias which includes longtime Redwood favorite secretary Sally Robert. It was nice of so many colleagues to stop by: Stan Buchanan, Charlie Feeney, John Thompson, Donal and Brenda Brown, Sally Robert, Lynn and Henry Moody, Russ and Eleanor Hill, Elaine and Bob Johnson, Martha Allen, Chris Anderson, Sheila Girton.Patrick Gaynor, Kathy Bennett and more!

STEVE BAKER taught at US History at Redwood in the '70's. He eventually moved to Alturas to raise his family and create his Hide-a-way, complete with train, blacksmith shop, general store, school house and more. Each building is filled with antiques that he has collected over the years from juke boxes and old maps to spice cans, barber's chairs and coke machines. Read more about his paradise in this article.7/16

STANLEE BUCHANAN is part of sports history as a member of the USF Dons 1955 basketball team winning the national title two years in a row. He was featured in a 2015 Comcast Special along with team members Bill Russell, K.C. Jones, Mike Farmer and Eugene Brown. Video

THE TUESDAY MORNING BREAKFAST GROUP continues to meet at 9am at the Half Day Cafe in Kentfield although the group is getting smaller. The regulars are Jack Hartnett, Donal Brown, Stanlee Buchannan, Mike Collins, Glen Dickey, and Charlie Shultz, are often joined by Stan Cooper and Don Shaver.  There have also been visits from Marilee Rogers, Sue Chelini, Jeanine Loughran, Charlie Feeney, and Carl Rasmussen. Lots of stories and lots of laughs. Come on by! Sadly, Ray Jacques has moved to Whidbey Island, Washington and Doug Basham to Lake Oswego, Oregon to be closer to family and assisted living.

WILLIAM (BILL) WILKINSON recently published a book titled TESTIMONIOS DE FLORENCIO SERRANO: ALTA CALIFORNIA REMEMBERED, 1834-1850. Florencio Serrano was a member of the Híjar-Pádres colony that was formed in 1834 in Mexico and was sent to California to establish a settlement in what is the present day Santa Rosa area.
Bill received permission from the Bancroft library to translate and publish the three separate Testimonios left by Florencio Serrano. It is available on Amazon.com or from : Bill Wilkinson
52 West Napa Drive

ALUMNI ON CAMPUS Did you know that eight Redwood Alumni are currently on the Redwood staff? Laura Leones '94 is a teacher of Special Education,  Jon Hirsch '94, Lindsey Kornfeld '04 and Taber Watson '10 in the Social Studies Department, Melissa Boles '93 and Amy Mastromonaco '05 teach Science, and Allison Kristal '98 and Karen Murk '82 are in the Math Department.  Other alumni in the Tam district include Brian Zailian '76 (French), Chris Erlin '85 (Math) and Laura Garrett '92 (Social Studies) at Tam.

DUNCAN MACSWAIN  (Redwood 1963-95) continues to monitor the southern Thailand tsunami project he has been administering since 2004. Ninetyone individuals, 23 couples and nine schools and organizations contributed nearly $20,000 to the project. Monies had been placed in a trust account and then distributed as needed.
        It's no surprise that Redwood provided the bulk of contributions to this meaningful project. Current Redwood faculty and staff gave $4129 to the project. Individual retired and present Redwood teachers contributed an additional $2758.  
Contact Duncan (Dmacs1@comcast.net) if you would like updates and/or additional information.