Lindsay A. Brooke

Profile Updated: March 10, 2018
Residing In: Grass Valley, CA USA
Occupation: Homecare provider : Naturalist & healer, my advocation
Class Year: 1962
Yes! Attending Reunion
Where did you go to 8th grade?

Belvedere/Tiburon- Del Mar School/Reed

What have you been up to since you graduated from Redwood?

I was lucky to travel with my grandmother, Harriet Lewis, ( herself a world traveler for 30 years by herself) to Alaska, South America & the British Isles immediately after high school: then went to school in Switzerland for a year...We skied daily, spoke French & I went to Greece & Italy during spring break. A very nice experience!!!
Next, on to 2 Junior colleges: 2 years well spent at Monterey J.C. studying the biological sciences, the social sciences, history & the arts such as ( ceramics, sketch, painting & photography & music as well participating in water ballet & taking Marine Biology..Another 2 years @ Sierra College in the Calif. foothills with more of the same, plus French & Spanish. ( I loved college!!! & it was FREE "back in the day").

I then lived in Beaverton, Oregon & Colorado for several years ( During my Hippie Daze (I was a non-druggie ) I got married & divorced to an artist, Jim Lee, who lives in the next town over from where I currently live ;we're still friends)...

I've been living in the Cedar Ridge/Grass Valley, Nevada City area for the last 23 years working for several veternarians (for 15 years) and have rescued and homed many, many cats,dogs,fish & last dog died 2 years ago, lived to 21 years and, rascal that he was, I still miss & dream of of him ......currently I try to co-exist with a challenging but funny Ragdoll cat I rescued).. , also I was a self-employed gardener /house keeper for 10 years ( until 2008"hit") & am currently doing home-care for the (more) elderly & mentally ill as well as pet-sitting & some gardening for a living. I continue my life-long passion as an environmental activist.

Currently, I am semi-retired, living in an apartment over-looking Grass Valley within walking distance ( if you like steep hills) to a movie theater, 3 thrift stores, 2 great nature trails, a gas station , the hospital and my gym where I swim & practice gigong &/or yoga 3-5 days a week. I spend my time, when not working, keeping healthy, doing errands, or savouring the many opportunities to enjoy various art exhibits & world-class music events & theatre locally. Most importanly, I volunteer for a wildlife rehab. organization at the In-take center in Grass Valley ( for injured birds & squirrel and oposums) & take classes on animal rehab. in Auburn, Ca & may soon volunteer in their mammal in-take center that rehabs , foxes, raptors etc. I am "in love" with ravens & deers & seek them out daily as well as trying to catch a sunrise( from my bedroom window) or sunset as part of my daily ritual. Where I go to view the amazing show the natural world puts on all around us 24/7, is once again a very short drive from my home ,where there are wonderful expansive views of the Northern Sierra’s, the Buttes, or Donner Lake.)

I am also attempting to journal daily at a local coffee shop where all the aging 60's artists hang out reading books , chatting and sipping coffee or tea without the use of cell phones" type of people", since I am quite a "ludite" myself.. I have, so far, no t.v , computer, cell phone, or tablet which keeps me happy, mostly stress-free, peaceful & functional with just my land-line, radio and a daily newspaper or two.

My health has finally stabilized (it's been a life-long "challenge") and I am quite happy & grateful for my current situation in life.

On my "bucket list" are dreams of traveling back to Big Sur, the Ca. North Coast, Oregon, Washington, Canada (by train) ,Alaska, the Southwest, Dekalb, Illinois(to a family museum with 2 of my sisters),Bali, Provence, France and finally Africa ( to see the Highland Gorillas & the Elephants ( if any are still left) and if I am lucky with time & money. And ,of course, I am looking forward to our next class reunion!!!

Well, that's almost "it" in a contribution to this website after many, many years of silence.

I did " Kiss the Blarney Stone" while in Europe @18 so I hope this justifies
this long "life review" ??? Also, it was currently brought to mind, that when I was in Brazil, at age 19 with my grandmother (in her 80's) , we got into a dugout canoe guided by one (!!!) native man with a paddle (and a very strong arm) and he paddled a group of us half way across the mid-point of the Iguazu Falls & back : which I doubt very much, I would even consider today, even thou, I hear they use an outboard currently ( and what if the engine fails?)...Falling off a huge waterfall ( no matter how much I love water) is not, and was not on my "Bucket List) Thank God!!!

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