Alumni Speaker Day 2018

Every other year the Redwood Alumni Association invites Alumni to return to Redwood and speak to students about their career path since high school. Of course we would like to know the role that Redwood played in your chosen life course, but we are also interested in the diverse paths alumni have taken and the challenges you have faced. We will try to match alumni with specific classes based on your expertise and teacher/student interest. Please know ahead that we may not be able to accommodate everyone! We wil get back to you by the middle of April.

The ALUMNI SPEAKER DAY date is FRIDAY, MAY 25, 2018, the day before Memorial Day Week-end. The school day begins at 8 and ends at 3:10. There are seven periods of 50 minutes each and we hope that you would be able to speak to 2-3 classes. We have plenty of time to work out details. We will host a luncheon for the alumni speakers, host teachers and the retired teachers who attend. Questions can be directed to Marilee Rogers at

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