World Wrapps


A Fresh Start

Keith Cox and Matthew Blair '85, two members of the team who invented the wrap 25+ years ago (yes, they started the nation-wide cylindrical culinary craze that swept through the ‘90’s) are back at it with World Wrapps 2.0, innovating yet again.

Keith Cox and Matt Blair '85

They have taken back the brand that brought high-end fast-casual to the Bay Area before the term even existed. Along with a few other friends, they were the first to deconstruct “quick service” expectations and weave in elements of “global dining.” Since the ‘90’s, World Wrapps has been known for their gourmet burrito-sandwich fusion, folding the world’s greatest cuisines into a delicious portable lunch. Bringing the brand into the new millennium and appealing to the varied appetites of the next generation, World Wrapps 2.0 now serves only top-of-the-line ingredients, stuffed into the diner’s choice of freshly-pressed flatbreads, nori wraps, rice paper, or wholesome bowls. It’s fresh, innovative and elevated 5-star fast-casual, is hand delivered everywhere, Cox and Blair feel a sense of responsibility in maintaining the integrity of the wrap.

Our values

We Innovate, We do not Imitate
We are forward-looking leaders and disrupters in the restaurant industry. We invented the Wrapp concept. We developed the very first Spinach and Tomato tortillas. We were the first with a burrito-sized sushi and rice paper Wrapp.

Food Quality and Freshness: Our Secret Sauce
Our food is crave-able and in turn, keeps our guests coming back.

  • All of our sauces are made from scratch and made daily
  • Our flatbread is made from fresh dough and pressed to order
  • Our House Made Beverages are always fresh
  • Our shrimp dishes are sautéed to order
  • We prepare organic tofu, sushi grade Salmon and only use hormone/antibiotic free vegetarian fed beef

Guest Experience
We aim to provide a first-class experience for our team and guests from the moment they walk in the door. It is our goal to deliver the unexpected: a 5-star, full-service experience at our casual restaurant.

Community Relationships
We are proud to support our local schools and medical facilities with fundraisers and catering. We have given away thousands of meals to our local communities in need, hospitals, and schools. And, offices around us count on us for the timely and wide-range of catering options we deliver to their teams.

Something for Everyone
The breadth of our meal options is unmatched and for everyone. Whether it is a group of high school students, a family meal that includes grandparents and young kids, a gluten-free or vegan diner, we have something delicious for you.

Giving Back

At World Wrapps, giving back to our local communities, schools, front line workers, and others in need is how we do our part. It is in our mission and our hearts to support these groups in any way we can. Here are some of the groups we have supported over the years:

Redwood High School

Kaiser Hospital

Bing Nursery School

Marin Pediatric

Twin Creek Elementary

Castilleja School

VA Hospital

Bright Horizon San Rafael

Palo Alto High School

Horizon School Mill Valley

Saint Anselmo School

Mount Tamalpais School

Stanford Hospital

Sutter Palo Alto Medical Foundation Care Center

Palo Alto University

Cal High School

UC Davis Grad School of MGMT

NCL of San Ramon

San Ramon Acquacats

San Ramon Valley Education Foundation

Emergency Vet Group

Stanford University

Stanford Family Medicine

Spine and Sports Physical Therapy

Waterman Chiropractic Center

San Ramon Regional Medical Center

Victorian Medical Center of Danville

San Ramon Valley Primary Care

Reflections Dental

Pacific Coast Orthodontics