Reunions & Class Contacts

START PLANNING  FOR 2024!  Send us an email and we will send you your class database and a list of planning suggestions and venues that have been successful at other recent reunions! Contact us at:  SEE BELOW

2024 REUNIONS ...

Class of 1964... A 60th Reunion is in the works! STAY TUNED!
Contacts: Buz Bricca

Class of 1969 ... SAVE THE DATE ... OCTOBER 12 - REUNITE for our 55th!
Venue: McInnis Club Restaurant in San Rafael... details coming
Contacts: Mary McCarty Serrano, Shirley Swipes, Linda Walsh Bruemmer,  
Email Contact:

Class of 1974...SAVE THE DATE... OCTOBER 26 at INN MARIN...50TH REUNION!
Contact: Dan Holper


Class contacts: Will Pack, Julie Violich, Kirsten (Torretto) Brockman, Daniela Puccinell
Facebook: Redwood Class of '84
Email Contact:

Class of 1994... WORKING ON IT!
Class Contacts: Jon Hirsh , Kevin Blum

Class of 2004... WORKING ON IT!
Class Contacts: Christine Lam Murray, Jocelyn Corbett, Tiffany Symmes Van Londen

Class of '14 (10th) ... Date TBD, November 2024
Class contacts: Christina Canady & Geneva Gondak

Planning is starting! Email us if you'd like to join the planning committee.

This list is incomplete. Please let us know who might be the contact persons for your class if they are not listed, or are inaccurate! We would also like to list websites and Facebook pages. If you need help creating a Class website, we can also help!

Class of 1959 
Class Contacts:

Class of 1960
Class Contacts: Doreen Delacio Wise, Bunny Weckel Rigsbee

Class of 1961
Class Contact: Marilee Rogers  415-300-6042

Class of 1962
Class Contacts: Nancy Scott Mandl or 415-927-1495

Class of 1963
Class Contacts: Lilian Dittli Glaeser, Nancy Nelson Altman

Class of 1964
Contacts: Susan Grant

Class of 1965
Class Contacts: Mike Hauser,  Janet Tobin

Class of 1966
Class Contacts: Kate Royer Linscott
                        Robin Colthurst Thomas
                        Judi Rude Finkelstein

Class of 1967 
Facebook:  Class of '67
Class Contacts: Jana McPhearson Black, Beth De Scala (Posner), Toni Graham Hopkins, Andi Black Langenderfer, Bruce Meinberger, Jeff Hicks, Robert Rudy Audrey Minnis will assist as Decorator Emeritus!

Class of 1968  
Class Contacts:   Wendy Villasenor   Joan Lubamersky   

Class of 1969  
Class Contacts: Shirley Swipes, Linda Walsh BruemmerMary McCarty Serrano
Email Contact:

Class of 1970
Facebook: Redwood High School Class of 1970
Class Contacts:   Bud Broomhead / / 415-609-4648,   
                              Jerry Piro / / 415-515-3927,   
                              Bonnie (Sutherland) Tringali / / 707-349-0911,   
                              Ross Gondak / / 415-272-2928

Class of 1971
Class Contacts: Donna Whitney,  Deb Bendinelli , Ron Steinau  
Facebook: Redwood Class of 1971

Class of 1972
Class Contacts: Nancy Lubamersky, Tom Malvino
Email Contact:
Facebook: Class of '72

Class of 1973
Class Contacts: Scott L Robertson, Stephen Spicer, Patty Stahl, Lauren (Dowling) Keith, Holly Watts, Tina (Watson) Michel
Facebook: Class of 1973 40th Reunion

Class of 1974
Contact:  Martha Olney

Class of 1975 
Class Contacts: Jim Clark,  Robin Spicer

Class of 1976
Facebook Group: Redwood Class of 1976
Contacts: Denise Newman Wolford
                Lisa Block Sandberg

Class of 1977 
Contacts: John Boesel
    Steve Hoffmire
    Gail Brady
    Kris Kellen Werner

Class of 1978 
Contacts:  Sonia Bastidas
                  Clay Lansill    415-902-0186

Class of 1979 
Class Contacts:  Dan Andrade, Amanda PriceC

Class of 1980
Class Contacts: Jeff Lister, Jenny Josephson Borwick
Facebook: Redwood High School Class of 1980

Class of 1981 
Class Contacts: Inga Wolff Johnson, Erin Duggan Ken Malvino
Email:  Facebook: Event

Class of 1982
Class Contacts: Dina Morrison,
Facebook: Redwood Class of '82

Class of 1983
Class Contacts: Sally Steele, Monty Stephens, Jennifer DeBonis
Facebook: Redwood Class of 1983

Class of 1984
Class contacts: Raoul Wertz, Will Pack, Kirsten (Torretto) Brockman, Daniela Puccinell
Facebook: Redwood Class of '84
Email Contact:

Class of 1985 
Class Contacts: KatieGilbraith O'Briant Colvin,  Britta Couris,  Leslie Anderson

Class of 1986 
Contacts: Krista Hand     
                Erik Meghnagi
Facebook:  Class of '86

Class of 1987 
Start here with the Video: Redwood The Class of '87 Awakens
       Video 2: Save the Date!
       Video 3: Tickets on Sale!
       Video 4: Buy before July 1...Missing classmates
Facebook: Redwood Class of '87
Contacts:  Jason Lewis
        Beth Parkinson
        Susan Willenborg Lund
        Michele Puccinelli Walker

Class of 1988 
     Tracy Davis
     Jenni Liner

Class of 1989 
Class Contact: Chelsea Hardesty 415-300-6881  Andy Kelly 415-734-8673

Class of 1990
Class Contacts: Lou Kipilman, Karina Puccinelli LaPointe
Website : Redwood1990
Facebook:  Redwood High School Class of 1990

Class of 1991
Class Contacts: Kim Smith Dighero , Sarah Scales Puckett
Facebook: Class of 1991

Class of 1992
Class Contacts:  Eric Nygren
Facebook: Redwood Class of '92

Class of 1993
Class Contacts: Mike Glover
Facebook Class of 1993
Email Contact:

Class of 1994
Class Contacts: Jon Hirsh , Kevin Blum

Class of 1995 
Facebook: Class of '95
Contact: Nicole Garroute Welcel, Jennifer Williams Judkins, Katie Wornson

Class of 1996 
Contact: Liz Darby Adnan
Facebook: Class of '96

Class of 1997 
Facebook Page: Redwood Class of 1997 Reunion
Contacts: Brooke Heckaman          
          Nazar Ghosseiri
          Mike Raney
          Flora Lels
          Lauren Stanley Vaughn

Class of 1998 
Contact: Chenin WoodburyKenig

Class of 1999 
Class Contacts: Lauren Ogren-Lucido, Kirstie Jorstad Feist, and Paige Kelly Usher:

Class of 2000
Class Contacts: Meg Lally, Erica Caplan
Facebook: Redwood High School Class of 2000

Class of 2001 
Class Contacts: Zoe Bo-Linn
Facebook: Class of 2001

Class of 2002
Class Contacts: Gary Champagne
Facebook: Redwood Class of 2002

Class of 2003
Class Contacts: Veronica Wilson
Jeremy Schwartz
Facebook: Class of 2003

Class of 2004
Class Contacts: Billy Blaustein

Class of 2005 
Class Contacts: Jake Schmitt   Georgina Hartzell
Facebook: RHS Class of 2005 Reunion 11/28

Class of 2006 
Facebook: Class of 2006 Reunion
Contacts: Yuko Edwards
    Patrick (Packy) Hamilton
   Matty Martin
   Meagan Bickerstaff

Class of 2007 
Contacts: Sarah Brayton
         Alex Schmotter

Class of 2008 
Contact: Sarah Lockwood Barr

Class of 2009 
Class Contacts: Jill Waxman

Class of 2010 
Class Contacts:

Class of 2011 
Class Contacts:

Class of 2012 
Class Contacts:

Class of 2013 
Class contacts: Megan Daly:
             Celeste Carswell:

Class of 2014
Class Contacts: 
Geneva Gondak (ASB President) / Christina Canady (Senior Class President)

Class of 2015 
Class Contacts:

Class of 2016
Class Contacts:

Class of 2017
Class Contacts: Gregory Block (Senior Class President)

Class of 2018
Class Contacts: - Eamon Rogan (ASB President)  

- Jake Hannssen (Senior Class President)  


Class of 2019
Class Contacts: Georgia Bennett 
(Senior Class President)


Class of 2020

Class contacts: Skylar Strotz (Senior Class President)


Class of 2021

Class Contacts: Sima (Nora) Alavi  (Senior Class President)


Class of 2022

Class Contacts: Claire McKechnie (Senior Class President)