RAHOF - Coach Nomination Form

Qualifications for "RAHOF Coach" Candidacy: Any person with at least five years of coaching service at Redwood High School may be considered if nominated as a candidate via this process. Final selection will be based on comparative measures of competency, leadership, longevity and of coaching accomplishments that merit recognition at RHS and beyond. A RAHOF "Coach" candidate typically will have made some type of significant and lasting contributions to the students, school, or athletic programs at Redwood High School.  A coach who is a currently an active, full-time coach or faculty member of RHS is considered eligible.  While five years coaching at RHS is a minimum requirement coaches are not eligible for nomination to RAHOF until three years following completion of that minimum service.

* Alumni members of this web site may submit their initial nomination online via the form below. Non members of the website must use this COACH NOMINATION FORM or email your form request to redwoodathletichalloffame@yahoo.com.


Deadline for 2024 Nominations is October 2, 2023

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1)   * Name of Nominee:

Please include name while at RHS and current married name if different.
2)   * Nominees Contact Information:

Provide as much current contact information as is possible for your candidate(US Mail Address, Email Address, Home Phone, Mobile Phone, etc).
3)   * Name and contact information of Nominator:

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4)   * List sports and years your Nominee has coached at RHS:

To the best of your ability please include all sports and levels coached at RHS. If you aren't sure, or need to do additional research to provide additional information, please let us know that is panding.
5)   * Reasons for Nomination: Please summarize your candidates coaching accomplishments (League, playoff, section, NorCal and national championships). Include any other honors or coaching recognitions (Coach of the Year, etc). Do not limit your narrative to pennants and titles if you know this individual has made other types of contributions to RHS.

Include anything and everything that makes your nominee a role model for RHS students, parents, staff and a great candidate for inclusion in RAHOF.
6)   In addition to the narrative above feel free to include or forward any additional information about this candidate that may be significant to the RAHOF Selection Committee.

Add anything that you feel may distinguish this individual as a candidate for RAHOF. If you have clippings, articles, testimonials, letters of recommendation, etc. please mention them here and mail them to RAHOF / Alumni, c/o Redwood High School, 395 Doherty Dr., Larkspur, CA. 94939. In your mailing please note that it is in support of this nomination.