Sherrye E. Black Schwarz

Profile Updated: August 8, 2019
Residing In: Hidden Valley Lake, CA USA
Spouse/Partner: Earl Woodall-Partner
Occupation: Retired
Children: Brad, born 1963
Class Year: 1961
Yes! Attending Reunion
Where did you go to 8th grade?


What have you been up to since you graduated from Redwood?

Hi! Where have I been since graduating from Redwood? What a loaded question to ask a 75 year old! LOL..... Most of the years between 1961 and now have been spent in California. For many years my late husband and I had a home which we built in Tiburon in 1969. I kept the home for a number of years after he died in an accident on the Bay in 1984, choosing to sell it in 2000.

During our years there, I went back to university (UC., Berkeley) and received a B.S. in Business Administration. That was put to good use during my "corporate life" years selling and account management for multiple large corporations selling large computer systems to fill corporate needs. It was enjoyable, but in my 50's I decided I wanted to try my hand at flipping houses, something I had wanted to do for many years. Did that till I was 60 and have basically been retired since then.

I met my partner of almost 20 years, Earl Woodall, due to a disastrous house fire in my Tiburon home in 1994. He was a superb cabinet maker and I needed new cabinets! He retired a few years ago and turned the business over to one of his 4 sons who continues the high quality cabinetry for which Earl was known.

We enjoy traveling. One of our favorite places to go has been Puerto Vallarta. We jointly owned a wonderful penthouse condo overlooking Banderas Bay there for more than 10 years, selling it in 2006 and building a lovely home in Hidden Valley Lake, Lake County, CA., where we moved in 2007. Being "nesters," we were there until July of this year (2019)! While there, we delighted in modifying this or that aspect of the HVL property, expanding the original property by buying the adjoining lot in 2012 and building a 2nd garage for various hobby type activities, adding gardens and an infinity swimming pool below that. We enjoyed the property until we decided it was time to move out of California for a variety of reasons, not the least of which was the fact that California was becoming a socialist oriented state, where 1 political party virtually ensured there could never be competition from the opposing political party.

That led us to move out of California to Nampa, Idaho in July of 2019. So at our advanced ages of 75 and 79, we're starting over! What an adventure our lives have turned out to be.

My little family is my delight. Son, Brad, is now 56 (can he be THAT old?) and he has 3 offspring. The eldest, Tyler, age 34, who became an attorney and currently works for the wine industry. My next, Rachael, age 28, moved with her fiance, Craig, to Surprise, Arizona a little over a year ago. She currently works in a medical office. The youngest, Jayna, is 13. She is just plain FUN! They are all the apples of my eye, as is my wonderful daughter-in-law, Lisa. You can't help but love a d-in-l who actually asks you to rearrange cabinets, now can you? She is not only wonderful, she's smart and beautiful, too. Call me lucky or what? ;-)

As to what I do with all the "time" on my hands, well, my schedule is exhausting. I became a master gardener in 2010 and enjoyed being involved in that activity for the following 4 years. During that time I also became involved with the Hidden Valley Lake Garden Club, which I remained a member of until we moved to Idaho last month. Guess you can tell gardening is one of my major interests. Politics is another and over the years I've gone from being very liberal to being very conservative! Amazing how we can change. So one of my other activities revolves around staying abreast of politics and political and economic news.

All in all, life is wonderful and I'm grateful that my health is such that I can enjoy many activities. Since moving to Idaho I'll have to find new activities and friends with whom to enjoy daily activities, while keeping touch with all my friends made during my many years in Hidden Valley Lake. I'm joining the local Republican Women Federated of Canyon County. Looking forward to my first meeting in August.

So that, in a nutshell, is a smidgeon (don't ya just love that word?) of what's been happening in my life and where I am now. Life is wonderful! :-)

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